Concrete Stains Give a New Look to and Old Stand-by

The use of concrete in today’s home and commercial designs and renovations has increased dramatically as builders and designers have realized its versatility and value.  Traditionalists see concrete as a dull, gray necessity for construction.  More progressive builders and designers have developed and understanding of concrete as a design element for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications that include patios, entryways, driveways, garages, pool decks, family room floors and even countertops.

Part of what has accelerated the evolution of concrete into a more prominent and appealing application is the development of stains and sealers that transform dull concrete into colorful decorative elements.  These stains have allowed designers to transform traditional gray concrete into surfaces that appear to be polished and natural stone, tile, and even leather at a fraction of the price. The use of stencils, custom graphics, textures, and color variations, as well as the creativity of the contractor can enhance the appearance even more.

Stains utilized to color concrete surfaces are different from concrete paints that have been used more prominently in the past.  Stains are primarily because they are much more durable.  Stains penetrate the surface of the concrete, react chemically, and become a permanent part of the concrete itself.  Though many stains and sealers are UV stable, penetrating the surface amplifies their resilience to the hot Las Vegas sun which durability and life.  The result is means the color will be dramatically more resistant and will not fade or peel.

Another benefit of concrete stains is they can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.  Stains can be utilized on new, old, previously stained and integrally colored surfaces.  They do an exceptional job of revitalizing surfaces that have faded over time. The results can be assured by stripping old sealers from the finish in order to provide a foundation that is stable for the new stain, though this may increase the cost of your project.  Because of concrete stain’s versatility, it has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means of giving so many surfaces a rich, new, decorative appearance.

Consider how decorative concrete staining could be used in your home or business to provide a new or revitalized finish to your project.